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Have You Ever Been Bullied? How To Handle Bullying

When you were just a kid, were you bullied and pushed around? Did you feel the intensity of being stared at by other kids while you are helplessly looking for a friend — but can find no one? Have you ever been pushed around to the limit by other kids who have nothing in mind but to hurt you and make you feel so weak?

If you have experienced all of these things, or even if you haven’t, would you rather not have your current self suffer under the same circumstance?

Bullying is one of the biggest issues that plague the world today. As a nation who has seen a fair share of social issues in every corner of the street, the world has yet to completely solve the problem of bullying. Not many kids would have the strength to say to their parents, peers, teachers and relatives that they are being bullied not only in school but also in their neighborhood. If you are someone who wants your child to be safe, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you are raising him or her in a bully-free environment?

How To Handle Bullying

Opposite to what they might want to project to their environment, bullies are actually scared too. They are scared to be disliked, to be left out, to become part of a minority or to be considered an “outsider” in their social circles. Because of all of these insecurities floating around their heads, bullies try to find a way to shift their fears and insecurities to other kids. That is the underlying reason why most kids start bullying and most kids are getting bullied. Lack of parental guidance, love and attention is also another big reason for this problem, which is why parents need to dig deep in order to solve the “real” reasons why bullying starts.

If you are being bullied, don’t feel that you are not good, amazing, unique and special. All of these things are words which describe you, but bullies don’t want you to know that because they always want to feel “better” than you. If you are a parent whose child is being bullied, give your kid all the love, care and support that you can. Never ever think for one second that being bullied can be brushed away by your children. This very assumption that bullying is not a serious issue at all is the reason why so many kids feel hesitant to tell their parents about their bullying problems.

Building a strong mental fortitude to help you push back bullies is very important. Without it, you will be hard-pressed to handle bullies on your own. To help you build a strong mental attitude, practicing meditation combined with self-hypnosis is a great way to get things started. By doing so, you would be able to condition your mind to start being stronger mentally and emotionally – enough to keep off the bullies away.

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