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“Law of Attraction is when the manifesting conditions and personal qualities are developed and come into alignment simultaneously.”

~ Victoria Gallagher

Hi, I’m Victoria

Hypnotherapy expert + Life Success Coach

I’m a worldwide leader in Hypnotherapy, a best selling author, international speaker, life success coach, and renowned authority on the law of attraction. I’ve dedicated my life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty, aligned with their dreams through effective meditative recordings and online courses

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Engage in one-on-one coaching with me. Through my successful meditation recordings and online courses, I could successfully assist you in leading a life of leisure that is in keeping with your goals.

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Practical Law Of Attraction

Award Winning & Best selling Author

Victoria Gallagher is the Author of the #1 Best Selling Hypnosis Book on Amazon for 2 Years! She has also written several other books on hypnosis and manifesting.

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The Power of your Mind

Would you like to Be Happy, Motivated and Successful, Have Better Health, Experience Enlightenment, Enjoy More Fulfilling Relationships, Overcome Struggle, and Gain Self-Mastery? Then join me on this Amazing Self-Help Podcast, where you’ll Unleash the Power of Your Mind. I’ll be sharing 20 years of Wisdom and Techniques of Hypnotherapy, LOA, Visualization, NLP, Meditation, Personal Growth, Positive Affirmations and other Effective Methods to help you tap into the great Power which resides in your Mind and become the Best Version of Yourself.

Exciting Podcast Collection

Featured Episode

Episode 318

Align Your Life w/ Emma Mumford

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There is no better tool on the planet that is more effective at changing your life than learning self-hypnosis. Let me grant you free access now.

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