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Episode #173- Discipline is the Shortcut with Brian Kight

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In Episode #173, I am talking with Brian Kight 

Brian Kight is the founder of DIGNVS, LLC and the author of, a daily memo on personal discipline with over 32,550 subscribers. Its central mission is to help people build the discipline they need to accomplish what they want, as fast and reliably as possible. 

He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and advisor to businesses, sports teams, and Schools. 

Brian has spent 17 years serving clients to raise the standards of leadership, create a disciplined culture, and align behavior to produce results. 

His ability to help people understand and execute simple skills with elite discipline, both personally and professionally, is what makes his training systems so practical and powerful. Brian simplifies the complex so leaders, people, and teams can align their efforts and accelerate performance. 

Today, Brian Kight is sharing with us some of his insights on Discipline is the Shortcut  

We talked about: 

  • Why most people are not finding success when aiming to create habits.   
  • The mindset “dualities” or opposites that he teaches. 
  • Why his teachings are “timeless”.  
  • What he has seen and realized about understanding people’s fear of success. 
  • The key to creating our own energy and not catching the energy from our environment. 


He can be found on: (for team’s / business) (for personal) 

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