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The Law Of Attraction and Customer Magnetism

Do you know someone who seems to be able to get leads, like a magnet attracting potential clients and customers? People who seem to easily gain the trust of others and can communicate and build rapport as easy as as pie? Customer magnetism might seem like a myth- but it is actually one of the strongest traits a business owner should have!

There are people who, for some reason, connect quickly and easily with others. They seem to fill the room with a different kind of air whenever they are present and they pull in people around them. While you might think that being charismatic always has something to do with looks and just having the so-called “IT” factor, often times it is just a combination of good will and positive attitude that makes people attractive to potential clients and customers. By having a positive mental, spiritual and physical attitude in life, one can really change how others view him or her. This is what I mean by customer magnetism

The Law Of Attraction And Customer Magnetism

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The Law of Attraction states that a positive vibe also attracts positive energy. Similarly, a negative mentality will often result to a negative energy. As one opens up himself to a positive mental attitude, he attracts a positive energy that also attracts people around him. If you are in the business of finding potential clients and customers to deal with, wouldn’t you think that a positive aura reflected by your actions such as a vibrant smile could change how people perceive you?

Just take this example : when you start your morning with a smile and a series of positive affirmations to fuel your day, people will see you as a positive person and will be more likely to open up to you. People are attracted to a positive aura and they repel all kinds of negative energy (because no one really likes to feel negativity in the air, right?). Doing simple actions to show your positive vibe such as greeting others with a smile, standing straight and being lively might not mean so much if you think about it, but they all add up to create that positive aura that can help attract people. Potential clients and customers are much more likely to do transactions with someone whom they perceive as a positive person, so having that positive vibe really helps a lot.

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