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Episode #149- Communicating with Your Soul and Team of Guides with Michelle Warnica

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In Episode #149, I am talking with Michelle Warnica 

Michelle Warnica’s purpose is to guide you in learning the language of your soul, so that you can uncover your soul purpose, find the courage to step into your authentic self and shine your light in the world as the gift you were born to be!  

Currently, she is a Soul Purpose and Higher Consciousness Coach. She uses her gift as a Divine Channel to help you connect to your Soul Team and support you as you transform into the best version of yourself, the person that your Soul came here to be. 

Today, Michelle Warnica is sharing with us some of her insights on Communicating with Your Soul and Team of Guides  

We talked about: 

  • The story of her awakening. 
  • Why she’s fascinated with the power of the mind.  
  • How she was introduced to Law of Attraction.  
  •  How she uses the Law of Attraction in her life.  
  •  What her mission is. 

She can be found on:  

Instagram – @Michelle.warnica 

Contact her for a Complimentary Clarity Session. Schedule here: 


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