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How the Brain Functions During Sleep and How You Can Hack Your Sleep with Ariel Garten

In Episode #244, I am talking with Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten is probably one of the most interesting people you will meet. She is a psychotherapist, Neuroscientist, mom, former fashion designer, and the co-founder and visionary of an amazing and highly successful tech start-up Muse. Muse tracks your brain during meditation to give you real-time feedback on your meditation, guiding you into the “zone” and solving the problem most of us have when starting a meditation practice. Muse lets you know when you are doing it right.  

When Ariel is not reading brains (literally) or investing in, inspiring and advising other start-ups and women in biz, you can find her on stages across the world, and featured on CNN, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc. She inspires people to understand that they can accomplish anything they want by learning what goes on in their own mind. Ariel is also the co-host of the Untangle Podcast. 

Today, Ariel Garten is sharing her insights on How the Brain Functions During Sleep and How You Can Hack Your Sleep.  

We discussed: 

  • What Muse is and how it works. 
  • What really happens to our brains when we meditate and why it is important. 
  • She gives us tips to hack our sleep. 
  • 5 essential things we can do to sleep well every night. 
  • How we can overcome anxiety, fear and other things our brain tells us. 

She can be found at:  

Untangle Podcast 

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