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The Three Words That Sold 100,000 Books with Andrew Kap

In Episode #243, I am talking with Andrew Kap 

Andrew Kap is best known for taking topics that many would find overwhelming, and condensing them into actionable, more consumable content.  After getting his perennial best-seller “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read” past one hundred thousand copies in sales, Andrew followed it up by publishing “3 Words I Used To Sell 100,000 Books” where he lays out an organic marketing strategy for success that any nonfiction author can implement on their first day learning it.  

While written for authors whose content helps readers learn something, do something, or solve a problem or challenge in their lives — the book is really also a sales & marketing manifesto in disguise — one with concepts and tactics that any motivated entrepreneur or business owner can modify for their own growth and success. Both of Andrew’s books have enjoyed #1 Best Seller status in multiple categories on Amazon, and continue to serve more readers with every passing day. 

Andrew Kap shares his insights on The Three Words That Sold 100,000 Books.

We discussed: 

  • What led him to finding the three simple words he used to sell 100,000 books. 
  • Some of the key strategies for connecting with your audience in a deeper and more meaningful way.  
  • He shared why he believes everyone should write a book. 
  • We talked about the social media sales hack for getting in front of thousands of potential readers. 

He can be found on:  

He is gifting listeners ‘Ultimate Abundance’ money meditation from my LOA book: 

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