Victoria M Gallagher

How Building Motivation Starts With Your Subconscious

Building motivation is something that always starts with your subconscious mind. Getting yourself in the right frame of mind to find motivation in everything you doesn’t happen overnight. It is a slow process that takes time to accomplish – and you need to begin inside your subconscious mind.

How To Build Motivation And Fend Of Laziness

Instead of waking up every morning and immediately thinking of reasons and ways to put off what you know you have to do, you can find motivation to beat laziness by first making lists and plans. List all of them down on a piece of paper, and read them over and over again. Allow yourself to absorb the essence of these goals and let your thought sink in deeper. Ask yourself questions such as “Why do I need to do this”? Or “What do i need to get this accomplished?” 

Try to recognize the actions and behaviors of your day to day life that stop you from being able to find motivation and overcome laziness. Is it your hectic schedule? Is it your extra-curricular activities? Do you need more space to be able to accomplish things? Do you need to have more privacy? Answering these questions and getting all of these issues affecting your motivation laid out in front of you makes it easier for you to pin point what needs to be done. If you know where to start, what to tackle and how to tackle it, you can comfortably increase your motivation to levels you never would have imagined!


I have always believed that motivation starts with your subconscious mind. And the best way to reach into your subconscious is through meditation. You can find that when you are continually inspired, you are more enthusiastic to follow on your goals and dreams. And this benefits all facets of your life.

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