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Victoria M Gallagher

Can You Heal Your Body Through Self-Hypnosis?

A big part to how hypnosis works is centered around its direct effect on the subconscious mind. Lots of research have been centered around hypnosis and healing, but still there are many questions regarding to just what happens to the our body during the state of trance. What we do understand better are the results, and indeed, hypnosis has been a very successful technique to help heal the mind, body and spiritual aspects of life. But can hypnosis heal the body? The answer to this question is explored on this article.


Many medical experts agree that the hypnotic trance has an effect on our body. Whether it is positive or negative experience relies a lot on the point of view of the patient, but it is agreed upon that a big positive effect of hypnotic trance is that it helps the mind and the body heal. One of the many amazing properties of hypnosis trance includes experiencing rest, peace and calm. With the help of hypnosis, the mind is taken to this state where it can be at peace – and this translates to a phase of healing for the body. Since the mind and body are interconnected, having your mind in a state of rest and peace help your body heal, in a way. too. Yes, the body is designed to heal on its own without outside interference. And while the body’s healing is an automatic process, the hypnosis trance phase can accelerate and enhance the healing energy of the body. By directing the subconscious mind to focus your healing energy on a specific area in your body, more of your natural healing resources will be directed there.

Through hypnotic therapy you can delve into the deepest parts of your conscious and subconscious mind, and come into contact with the very core of who you are. Through this hypnotherapy sessions you can learn the reasons behind the things you do, what actions and events helped to form the way you view the world, and how to change those views and behaviors naturally and comfortably. By using nothing more than the power you already have within yourself you can overcome a lifetime of conditioning.

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