Victoria M Gallagher

When The Universe Doesn’t Respond

It’s essential to recognize that amidst the seeming silence from the universe, there lies an opportunity to delve deeper into the reservoir of wisdom within yourself. This inner sanctuary resonates with your deepest aspirations and the timeless truths that envelop us all. Embrace the silence not as an absence, but as a profound presence guiding you towards clarity and tranquility.

While you listen to today’s episode #308 When The Universe Doesn’t Respond I want you to lean into how you are showing up and connecting to the world around you.

Key things to settle in on

  • How to seek answers
  • Explore the delays
  • Asking a higher power for more
  • Knowing the universe knows before you

After this you will be able to connect on a stronger level using meditation, aligning yourself, and attuning yourself to the universe. Do not fear the silence that may come from this work when you are seeking answers and let these tools transform your life.

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