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How to Manifest Your Dream Home

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On episode 302 “Manifest your Dream Home” and what you should be focusing on and working toward if a dream home is on your horizon. When you start with where you are in this moment you can begin to make a plan and I am going to be sharing the steps that I used and have helped others walk through to manifest their heart’s desires. It might not happen overnight but it also might and when you start implementing what I share in this episode you will be able to condense the timeline of your dreams. 


I am going to be giving you the step by step 

  • Clarifying your vision 
  • Setting Intentions 
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs 
  • Taking inspired action

 Exciting update. I was interviewed by my friend Flavia Berys on her iTunes business podcast show. Please check out my episode and let me know what you think!! It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it. She interviewed me about the balance between lifestyle vs. biz solopreneurship and it was a blast sharing my stories, challenges, and advice on the show. Even if you can’t listen right now, please click and download it to your device for later!!

Episode available on iTunes here:
or on her blog here: 

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