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Why You Need To Believe In The Law of Attraction

Whether you believe it or not, the Law of Attraction manifests itself in everyone’s lives. By thinking about all of the goals, dreams, wants and aspirations that we have, we are sending the universe our energy. And the universe sends it back to us through the manifestation of our thoughts and ideas.

Some people call it fate. Some call it destiny. But I would rather call it the Law of Attraction. Believing in it is the key! Whatever we manifest in our subconscious mind, our whole energy revolves around this single idea or thought. And we end up achieving our goals because in the end, we have spend most of our energy trying to make our dreams come true.

How Law of Attraction Manifests Around Our Lives

Just think about it. Let’s say, you have a dream that you really want to achieve ever since you were a young child. Like being an athlete for example. You love playing basketball so much that your world started to revolve around it. You start making friends with people who have the same interests in the sport. You start to surround yourself with people who have connections about the game. You start to think about it 24/7. And before you know it, you are already planning your daily life towards the goal of becoming good in playing the sport.

Is this coincidence? I don’t think so. By thinking about it consciously, you have started to attract the energy of the universe and the universe started to redirect it back to you. In this case, your love for the sport made you much more attractive to the energy of the people who share the similar interests as you. This, in my opinion, is the Law of Attraction in action.

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To exercise conscious control over manifesting positive results, you need to acknowledge it to your very core. You need to accept this idea or thought wholeheartedly. And it will start to manifest in your life. It will start to attract similar energies to manifest results.

When you cultivate a deeply ingrained belief in the Law of Attraction, you will be able to align yourself and your energy with your desires.

Doubt is the enemy of manifestation. When you are not fully invested in the outcome you want, it creates an energy that works against you. It can be very difficult – or even impossible – to bring something to fruition when you are not clear about what you want. You should always tell yourself that you deserve it, and that the Law of Attraction will make it happen.

Remember, your reality is what you believe it is. It is for this reason that you can create a new reality for yourself and achieve your goals through the law of attraction. There are several techniques, one of which is self-hypnosis, that can help you understand how to utilize the Law of Attraction to achieve your goals. Through constant practice, you will be able to make a new set of beliefs for yourself – ones that are in line with the Law of Attraction. One of the biggest shifts you will experience is from a mindset of uncertainty and scarcity to one of gratitude and abundance.

There’s no question that you’ve manifested many great things for yourself – you just may have done it unconsciously. Can you imagine what a conscious belief could create? Start believing that you can achieve your goals. Start manifesting the incredible power of the Law of Attraction today!

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