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Victoria M Gallagher

Why Understanding These 3 Things Will Instantly Change Your Life

It is not uncommon for people to start their year with a “New Year, New Me” outlook in life. And frankly, this is such a good mentality to have. Starting the year with a better, more positive outlook can do a lot for you than any new year fad.

But more than having a positive mentalitydid you know that there are 3 things that you can learn to instantly change your life for the better? Yes, it is true! Learning these three things and implementing it into your daily life can really make a big impact on your daily outloook – and it can help you change your life for the better.

So what are these three things?


Getting your vibration in sync with the Universe is one of the most important lessons in the law of attraction. The idea that everything in our world is made of energy and is operating at a certain frequency gives you the knowledge to stay in sync with these universal energies. To “sync your vibration” means getting the frequency of your thoughts on the same level as the frequency of the world around you. What this does is it allows you to understand how to use the power of the universe and leverage it to your advantage.


Affirmations are positive words or phrases of encouragement that you repeat in order to assert that thought into your mind. An example of an affirmation is: I am beautiful and positive and today will be a great day.” If you build a habit of starting your day with a positive affirmation, your mind will acquire this good vibration constantly.


Bringing the power of your thoughts in your life is manifestation. For example, you might wish to manifest things such as having a new house, or a new car for the upcoming year. By using the power of your thoughts and combining it with things such as positive affirmation and vibration, you can fully utilize the power of the law of attraction.


Everywhere you look in the world, there is an abundance all around you. The only limits in life are the limits in your own thinking, your own imagination. Understand that anything you can imagine within your mind, you can manifest in the material world. You can hold in your hand all the abundance you want. Just allow yourself to fantasize and you will be guided as to how you can manifest the wealth you desire.

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