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Victoria M Gallagher

Welcoming The New Year With Another Resolution? Read This First!

It’s the start of the year again – and I am pretty sure that your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds are all flooded by pictures, celebrations, and of course, New Year’s resolutions. I guess it’s just human nature to want to change one’s self at the start of the year. After all, the turning of the calendar signifies a new chapter and a new year for everyone, right?

However, how many times have you jumped on to the New Year’s Resolution train, only to find out that you can’t even fulfill one of them at the end of the year? A lot of us have fallen into this trap – but do you know why?

The Lack of True Motivation Is The Reason Why We Fail Our Resolutions

Often times, we get swept up by other people’s New Year hype – declaring resolutions all around the place – yet, we fail to realize that in order to succeed in fulfilling these resolutions, a certain amount of motivation is necessary.

The lack of motivation is what kills our dreams – and it is also what stunts our opportunity for personal growth. Fulfilling resolutions aren’t easy – in fact it requires a fair bit amount of focus, dedication and sticking to your promise. Motivation is what pushes us through when the difficult times come. The harder the task, the more motivation we need to get us through.

Without true motivation, we will never be able to complete our goals. We will only end up declaring yearly resolutions that we don’t have the tenacity to fulfill – and this is the reason why many people fail.

But how do you build motivation? Listening to motivational mp3s such as this can help!

You have set goals for yourself, goals you know that you can achieve. You are the only one holding yourself back. Finding that motivation within you is not always easy. There is a way to tap into your motivational resources whenever you feel the need. Listening to this motivational parts therapy hypnosis MP3 regularly can give you the tools you need to get and stay motivated.

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