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Ways To Overcome Your Emotional Weaknesses

In many relationships, jealousy is the sickness that often creates, havoc, misunderstanding and broken trust. When one is under the influence of jealousy, even the most positive actions or situations can easily turn into a negative one. The thing with jealousy is that the subconscious mind creates a scenario which makes you feel like your partner is cheating on you, even if he or she is not doing it. Jealousy stems from the very root of two things, selfishness and lack of self-confidence.

When you are a selfish person and you want to have everything around you, you tend to lose yourself when you feel like someone is overreaching on your comfort zone and territory. Sometimes, you don’t want other people to look, talk or interact with your partner,  which is pretty selfish in the truest sense of the word. When selfishness starts to enter into a relationship, it can be a trigger for jealousy. Thus, being an open and accommodating partner is important to overcome the symptoms of jealousy.

overcome jealousy through hypnosis

Similarly, a person with no confidence in himself or herself is prone to suffer from the effects of jealousy. When you are not confident with yourself and you are always thinking that other people are better than you, you will easily fall into the trap that your partner is looking for someone else because you are no good. When you start to have this kind of mentality, you will really find it hard to shake off jealousy from your mind. Thus, feeling confident, driven and proud about yourself is one way that you can overcome jealousy.

To overcome jealousy, serious mind conditioning and positive affirmations should be at work. Since jealousy starts its roots from the subconscious mind, getting to the root of the problem means re-programming how you view and react to different things and refocusing your attention on the positive instead of the negative beliefs and thoughts. You are in control of your emotions, and you can recognize a deeper part of you that knows you more than anyone. When have the courage to really face yourself and resolve jealousy issues once and for all, you will realize that it all begins in the mind — which is why you have to cut it there before it even starts!

Overcome Jealousy through hypnosis and mind training
Overcome Jealousy through hypnosis and mind training

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