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Victoria M Gallagher

Trouble Finding The Motivation During The Pandemic? Here is Why

Understand this — the world is moving so much faster nowadays. Everyone seems to be busy doing something, and you feel like you are being left out if you are not able to go with the flow. However, if you feel like you are becoming more and more unproductive and you can’t finish tasks, you might need to reevaluate your deeds and habits. To improve concentration is just one of the things that you can do, but what are the other possible reasons?

Reasons Why You Can’t Finish Tasks

You Multitask A Lot

Don’t get it wrong. Multitasking is a great skill. The ability to do so many tasks ate once, simultaneously with one another, is a great time saver. In this time and age where every second counts, having this skill is great, but it can also be bad. Sometimes, when we multitask, we end up not finishing anything at all. We do one task, stop it halfway, go to another one, then stop halfway again. The cycle repeats on and on until we realize that we didn’t even finish anything at all. My suggestion is to focus on just one tasks first (or two, if you really need to multitask) then finish it before taking another one.


You Always Have Your Gadgets Around

To finish tasks, you have to have a strong sense of focus and concentration. But how can you even do that if you are surrounded by gadgets all around? Smart phones, tablets, television, handheld consoles — these will eat up your time like a hungry pirate stranded at sea munching on a buffet table! Ditch your gadgets fir once and start to concentrate on your tasks first.

You Always Think About”Tomorrow”

Thinking about the future ain’t bad. But thinking about “tomorrow” like “I will do my tasks tomorrow” is a momentum killer. Procrastination is one of the biggest task-killers that you should avoid right now. If you want to finish tasks on time, always do them ON TIME. Not tomorrow, not later, but right NOW.

Your daily activities can be more productive. Your mind has an enormous potential. There is so much you can accomplish by tapping into that potential and training your mind to focus and concentrate whenever you need.

Any forms of concentration can be improved, whether it is concentrating on an important conversation, a critical work project, an exam you have to study for — just don’t forget to focus on the task at hand. Do not procrastinate, do not multitask (too much) and avoid tinkering with your gadgets if you want to finish tasks fast! You can even practice hypnosis to get your focus to improve!

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