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Tips To Improve Your Chakra Balance Through Focused Meditation

Using meditation as a practice to create peace and quiet is not new. Buddhist monks have been doing it for centuries and it has led to the concept of the seven chakras. Monks use meditation to improve their chakra balance and many people believe that meditation has actually helped them increase their sense of focus and purpose.

The seven chakras are your body’s main energy points. They act as gateways to connect your mind, body and spirit. Opening your seven chakra points help maintain the perfect chakra balance and harmony.

What are the 7 Chakra Points And Why Do You Need Chakra Balance?

  • Muladhara (Root chakra) is the foundation that gives you the strength to withstand challenges and stand on our own feet. Opening it will release fear and instability. It is also attributed to gaining financial independence, resources and survivability.
  • Svadhishthana (Sacral chakra) is the chakra point that governs emotions and how we relate to the emotions of other people. It is c ommonly attributed to abundance, sexuality and pleasure.
  • Manipura (Solar Plexus) is the chakra point that gives you confidence and control when opened. It is commonly attributed to self-worth, confidence and self-esteem
  • Anahata (Heart Chakra) is one of the most important chakra points because it connects the 3 upper chakra points and the 3 lower chakra points. It is attributed to love, peace, joy and understanding.
  • Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) is the chakra point that is attributed to communication. Opening this chakra point allows you to be much more open-minded. It also helps you clearly express your thoughts and ideas to other people..
  • Ajna (Third Eye Chakra) is the chakra point that allows you to see past the surface level. Opening this chakra gives you more intuition, wisdom, perception, visualization and imagination.
  • Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) is the topmost chakra point located at the very top of our head. Opening this chakra allows you access to a higher consciousness.

Chakra balance is important because it allows harmony to occur not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. As you learn to open your crown chakra, the qualities you develop are spirituality, beauty, and bliss. You open your awareness to a higher power. You find beauty in yourself, your surroundings, in others. You appreciate the bliss comes from just being. You find yourself creating time to feel bliss, letting go of whatever conditions you thought were needed before in order for you to feel blissful. This is why Chakra Balance is important.

Improving your chakra balance is not something that you can learn on your own. You need to have a guide to help you put your feet on the right track. If you are looking for a starting point, this mp3 download is a good place to start. You’ll love how easy and comfortably relaxing it is to listen to the soothing sound of Victoria Gallagher’s hypnotic voice, as she guides you toward the unlimited potential you have always had inside of you.

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