Victoria M Gallagher

Tip for Business Success – Read Body Language And Understand People Better

Have you known some people who seem to have that uncanny ability to read body language and understand people better? If you have seen some of the best magicians in the world, you’d know that they have that ability to read body language to predict what their audience is going to do next. This allows them to “predict” or “guess” what card you are holding, even though you swear it should be impossible for them to do so. In a way, the ability to read body language opens up a lot of opportunities for you to not only understand people better, but also read cues before making a decision.

To Read Body Language, You Need To Practice A Lot!

Around only 10% of what people are communicating is verbal? A lot of what we use to convey what we think of feel is non-verbal. Things such as smiling, frowning, raising eye brows, closing eyes, opening palms and other small nuances have their own meaning that you should learn how to interpret. People use body language and to express what they are REALLY thinking. And you need to practice a lot in order to understand what people really mean when they do something.

Think of the advantage you could have in every day communication when you can decode what’s underneath the surface of what they are saying. Now you will be able to decode hidden emotions. You may even know if a person is telling the truth or lying!

If you are interested to learn how to read body language, this audio CD can help you do just that. Reading body language gives you an unfair advantage and may even help you in landing that sweet job or the perfect partner. By reading body signals better and noticing those subtle cues, you are tapping into a wealth of information about the people you have interactions with. Often times subtle body language signals are missed because we are either not paying close enough attention to the person we are engaged in conversation with, or we simply do not know how to read them.

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