Victoria M Gallagher

Subconscious Mind – Key to Wealth

In episode 281 I am sharing my insights on the Subconscious Mind – the Key to Wealth. 

I discuss:  

  • BELIEVE Hypnosis 7-Day Manifest Success Journal.
  • The subconscious mind’s role in wealth and decision-making.
  • Techniques to reprogram the subconscious: hypnosis, affirmations, and visualizations.
  • The significant influence of childhood experiences and beliefs.
  • Scientific research on money beliefs.
  • The Law of Attraction and its principles.
  • Detailed understanding of affirmations and visualization.
  • The genuine power of hypnosis beyond its Hollywood portrayal.
  • Announcement of the BELIEVE app and its benefits. 

Believe 7 Day Manifest Success Journal: 

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