Victoria M Gallagher

Strategies for Becoming Consistent

Are you a great starter, but you have trouble maintaining consistency? It’s a fairly common problem. The beginning of any adventure is full of excitement and enthusiasm, but it doesn’t always last. Part of being successful is learning how to push through resistance and remain consistent. It’s part strategy and part grit. There are always a few sticking points to endure and overcome. Life can’t be all fun and games.

Develop the habit of being consistent:

  1. Understand when you’re likely to quit. Look at your past. When are you most likely to throw in the towel? What were your reasons for stopping at the time? Can you think of a strategy for getting through those times? Is there a way to avoid them altogether?
  2. Spend your time wisely. Getting caught up in too many meaningless projects won’t improve your ability to stick with all things. When possible, limit yourself to only those things that have a high impact on your life. Life is too short for hobbies that don’t enhance the quality of your life. If you see the value in the end result, you’re much more likely to get it done.
  3. Track your progress. When you can visually see how much progress you’ve made, you’ll feel more motivated to continue. Make a chart, graph, or other visual representation of the work you’ve completed.
  4. Visualize the expected result. Constantly remind yourself how great you’ll feel when you’re done. Make note of all the benefits you receive.
  • While it’s admirable to strive for perfection, be careful. You’ll always quit if perfection is the only acceptable outcome. Have realistic expectations for your situation.
  • Be realistic with your timetable. You might be making good progress, but if you believed that you should’ve mastered the Russian language by now, you’ll become discouraged. It’s not easy to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete something.
  • After you’ve made a little progress, revisit your expectations and adjust them accordingly.
  • If you’re enjoying yourself, who cares how long it takes? Once you’re done, the fun is over!
  • Get better at finishing small tasks in your life. If you’re washing the dishes, avoid leaving that greasy, disgusting pan until morning. Fold all the clothes rather than leaving some of them for later. Clean the entire room. Pay all of the bills. Run the full 3 miles you planned to run.
  • Consistency is a habit. Get in the habit of finishing all of the tasks in your life.

These small tips can be a great help in finishing future projects. If there’s one trait you’ll find in high-achievers, it’s the ability to do things consistently. Half-finished projects are incredibly wasteful. You put in a lot of work and didn’t receive the benefit. Learn how to finish and observe the impact it has on your life.

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