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Some Financial Tips During These Trying Times

Ah yes, Financial Freedom. Who doesn’t dream of it? Who doesn’t strive for it? Each one of us has a desire.   It can be a dream, a career path, a goal that we fervently want to achieve.   Financial freedom, or the ability to be free from financial burdens, is such a great thing to have. Imagine waking up each day without having to worry about going to the office.   Or grinding your way in order to carve a career path. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Wouldn’t you like that kind of life?

While financial freedom is something that most of us strive for, we sometimes have  bad money habits that actually cost us  financial freedom . To help you avoid these pitfalls, I  share three simple things to remember in order to avoid debt and get closer to financial freedom.

Three Things To Remember In Order To Achieve Financial Freedom

  • Stay Away From Credit Cards. This is probably the best advice that you should follow. Most people get in deep debt because they are always using credit cards. Granted, credit cards are very handy and they are convenient.  But  interest rates can really put you in deep monetary trouble. If you can buy what you need with cash. If you can’t afford it YET, do not use a credit card unless you have a plan to pay it off.
  • Spend on Investments, Not Liabilities.  Houses and cars are great, but they are liabilities that will eat away on the money that you are earning. Monthly mortgages and car payments can really set you back big time, so unless you can REALLY afford these liabilities, try to put your money on investments instead.
  • Take 20% Of Your Monthly Earnings And Save It. There is no way around it. You should take 20% off of your monthly earnings and put it on a separate, untouchable savings account. Saving money is important because it can grow to something that you can put to good use in the future and it stops you from spending money on useless things.

These tips might look simple and straightforward, and they actually work well if you follow them consistently. I hope  you  consider applying these tips and become well on your way to enjoying Financial Freedom in your own life.

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Financial Freedom

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