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Replacing Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones Can Help You Succeed

There are times when no matter what we do, we end up getting negative thoughts that lead us to question ourselves. When this happens, we end up wondering why everything that happens to us seems to be “bad”, and nothing good ever occurs.  Truth be told, this way of thinking is a dangerous mindset that one should get rid of as soon as possible. I say that it is dangerous because this kind of thinking often leads us to question not only ourselves, but also the perspective that we have about life itself. Thus, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is something we must learn.

Why Replacing Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones Is Essential To Success

Sometimes, what holds us back isn’t really our inability to do things, but ultimately our inability to believe in ourselves. And truth be told, most of the time, this is a result of having a negative belief instead of a positive one. A negative thinker will always have something bad to see in every situation, even if it is a positive one. Negative thinkers are very insecure about themselves, and they do not see the good in a situation. Instead, they waste time thinking about behaviors, experiences and other things that hold them hostage and limit their potential. In the end, a negative thinker will always see a half-empty glass, while a positive thinker will always see the glass as half-full.

Simply put, changing your perspective and manner of thinking will put you in a position to realize your potential and breaks the barriers that put you down. In short, instead of thinking about negative things, what you can do is change your perspective and allow positivity to flow into your subconscious. When you always see the bad instead of the good, you will always have something to complain about, even in a positive situation. However, when you change your perspective by replacing negative thoughts with a positive one, you will see things in a different light and appreciate the way that life treats you every day.

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2 thoughts on “Replacing Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones Can Help You Succeed”

  1. Hi Victoria,
    I saw you on Brian Scott’s channel, thought you were interesting, and decided to go get your audiobook. I am partway thru listening. I am blocked and confused about something. A few people that I’ve listened to have said that you have to take action. You’ve said there has to be an energy exchange in order to manifest. I’m 63 yo now. During my working years I was able to manifest my jobs. And it was thru action and focus. But I don’t have the energy to do that anymore. I want to stay home. I do not have any money, in fact I’m in pretty good debt. The last 4 years I’ve been trying to manifest a way to bring money to me so I could stay home but all I’ve heard is silence. I’m at a loss. When I hear it has to be thru action it makes me feel like I don’t have a place in this world. Because there’s not one cell of mine that wants to be in the work world anymore. What do you think? And if god gives us talents that he wants us to share I’m not sure what mine are. I’ve asked him but I haven’t heard and answer. Least not that I know of. Susan

    1. victoriamgallagher

      Hi Susan!

      I’m glad that you heard me on Brian’s show and were inspired to get my audiobook, Practical Law of Attraction.

      It’s a great question, about Action. I’m not sure that you have gotten through my book all the way, but my book walks you through each of the 8 manifesting steps … so there is some action to take right there … you’re always taking action and maybe you don’t realize that you are. Listening to the book is an action. Doing exercises is action. Nothing in this world happens without action. I think you are equating the word “action” with “hard work”. Yes, there does need to be an energy exchange. There’s not just the Law of Attraction at play here. There’s the Law of Balance and the Law of Reciprocity. The Law of Giving and Receiving. What you put out comes back to you. What if you could stay at home (like I do) and write about something in a blog or make videos or audios or something about an idea that is important to you? And that could turn into an income? What hobbies do you have? What if your hobby could somehow turn into an income? You may have some limiting ideas about what is possible. Many people have it that it’s either work or win the lotto and be set for life and there’s nothing in between. As soon as a person makes money doing the thing they love, suddenly it’s labeled as “work”. But, what if it didn’t feel like work? My advice would be to go honestly through each step of the book, including the qualities and see what happens. I wish you all the best in your journey!

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