Victoria M Gallagher

Recalling Hidden Memories Through Hypnosis

Is it possible to recall hidden memories through the use of techniques such as hypnosis?

If you are into suspense and psychological films that explore memory recall, there is one in Netflix right now called “Forgotten”. On this movie, there was a person who is suffering from symptoms of dissociative amnesia – but he doesn’t know it yet. He was wondering why he is having weird dreams and trance-like experiences, and he thought he was losing his mind. Apparently, this person is a suspect of an ongoing investigation. Years ago, a crime was committed and he was the primary suspect – but the law can’t convict him because he has no memory of what he did.

So the investigators used a unique and very peculiar method to reel him in. They used hypnosis to dig deep and make him recall hidden memories that his mind tried to shut away.

Why Use Hypnosis To Recall Hidden Memories?

In its simplest form, hypnosis is not really something “magical” nor “mystical”. Rather, it is just a technique and process that anyone qualified and knowledgeable can use to help the mind dig deep into the subconscious. There are lots of things that you can do when you know how to reach into your subconscious – you can find what truly makes you happy, you can laser-focus your attention onto your most important goals and in some extreme cases, even recall hidden memories that you have but can’t remember.

Your brain has incredible thinking power, and through the use of hypnosis techniques, you can harness that power. Through hypnosis, you can reach that part of your mind that holds your memory and learn to recall memories instantly. Soon you can be able to remember names, important dates, exam information, forgotten events – you name it. Hypnosis allows you to remain calm under pressure which can help you recall information. As long as you have it in your memory, it can be recalled.

You have the ability to teach your brain to store information in such a way that you can be able to recall memories comfortably. Believe it or not, your subconscious mind has retained all of the information that it has ever learned over the years. It remembers everything you have read, and every person you have met and every memory you have experienced.

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