Victoria M Gallagher

Punctuality Is A Prerequisite To Success

Building a reputation of being on time can take you to places. Someone who is punctual will always get a good image persona because people will know that this person is a man (or a woman) of word. To be on time means to value not only your time but other people’s time as well. How many times have you been hold up by someone who isn’t punctual, pushing your schedule way behind because of their own inability to be on time? Isn’t it annoying and irritating?

Build A Good Reputation And Be On Time

A good reputation can take long to build, but can only take one minute to break. In the same manner, being late for just a few minutes can give you a bad reputation among people, while being on time can give you a positive rep.

Take a job interview for example. What would happen if you apply to a job, got scheduled for an interview at 10 a.m., and you arrived 30 minutes past the scheduled time? Even without talking to you, the interviewer can already create an image of you in his or her mind — that you are tardy and lazy, and not fit to become part of the company.

How about a date as another example? You asked someone out for a date, or got asked by someone out, and you scheduled a dinner date at 7 p.m. However, you arrived an hour past the the schedule time. What do you think your date would think of you? You will have a bad reputation in his or her mind and you haven’t even started a conversation yet! Such is the bad image that being late can give you — so always try to be on time in order to build a positive reputation.

Building a positive reputation by being on time is not just for your own positive image. It is also a prerequisite to success. By making sure that you are punctual and always on time, you give yourself the time to grab all possible opportunities that might come your way. Like what they say, the early bird often catches the worm. The same goes in life too! If you are always on time, chances are you will be able to find opportunities that other people miss out on.

Make the positive life change today and modify your behavior through hypnosis so that you can be a punctual, on time individual. Relieve yourself of the stress of always being late. Give yourself the ability to be calm and relaxed when it comes to your appointment keeping.

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