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Victoria M Gallagher

Practicing Meditation And Self-Hypnosis To Understand Ourselves

In trying to build positive habits, our mind is on a constant battle. We can all agree to the fact that habits take time to build. And the repercussions of building negative habits can really have a big impact in your life. Over the years, I have found out that practicing meditation is one of the best ways to get rid of negative habits or build positive ones, but more importantly to soothe the mind. The mind functions a lot better when it is calm, calculated and relaxed. Meditation is an important tool to achieve this state of mind.

Practicing Meditation To Form And Remove Habits

For me, practicing meditation and self-hypnosis has helped me in forming good habits and removing bad ones. More than that, it has helped me to become more peaceful, focused and less anxious. Now I am less worried about finding my purpose in life. Human beings are far from being perfect, and I realize that too. Having a calm and relaxed mind will make you more appreciative and attentive to the things happening in your life. I’m far from perfect. By tapping into the inner subconsciousness, meditation has really helped me understand my own mind.

Before I started practicing meditation, understanding what was going on inside my head was kinda difficult. There are some habits that you might want to get rid of such as smoking or drinking. Getting your mind to buy into this plan can be quite a stretch WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING the reasons why you are doing them in the first place. Similarly, getting your mind to agree on building new positive habits will be difficult without understanding what happens inside your head completely.

Practicing Meditation Builds Awareness

As for me, I believe that awareness is one of the most important aspects of meditation. Many forms of meditation revolve around awareness training. Awareness is different from concentration because to become aware, we have to look outside our comfort zone and actually notice what is outside our conscious experience. If you were a fish, for example, you might see and feel the water where you swim at but you wouldn’t completely understand your need for it until you are thrown “outside” the water, would you? The same goes for our consciousness — we will never completely understand what happens in our lives and how we can shift our lives into a better direction without first being aware of the habits we have to build and habits we have to get rid of.

This is the true power of practicing meditation and this is why I invite you to learn more about it today! Taking committed action sure is hard, but with guided meditation I am sure you will be able to put yourself in the right track!

When you learn what it means to take committed organized action, you supercharge your ability to manifest things. What is it to take committed organized action? Like the yin and the yang, action needs to occur along with your hoping and dreaming and praying in order for you to make any progress.

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