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Victoria M Gallagher

Can You Increase Your Motivation To Exercise And Stay Fit During The Pandemic?

Finding the motivation to exercise is one of the biggest problems people with weight loss plans face. Especially during this time where there is a pandemic and social distancing needs to be observed. Sometimes, you just feel like lying on the bed all day long. And from experience, this has much to do with building self-confidence. People who have self-confidence have the complete trust in their ability to get things done. But can you increase your motivation to exercise through a series of mind exercises such as visualization and hypnosis?

Each time you say to yourself, “you know what? I promise that this week I am going to… ” and you don’t follow through on that – you actually reduces your self-confidence by a notch. You are conditioning yourself to think that your words mean nothing to you – making it that much harder to follow through the other promises that you do to yourself.

In a way, this kind of mentality is what hinders your motivation to exercise.

Increase Your Motivation To Exercise By Starting With Your Mindset

Simply put – it all starts in the mind. To increase your motivation to exercise, you first have to MAKE YOUR WORDS count.

For example, if you are getting back into working out, let’s say your ideal goal is to do cardio for 20 minutes three times a week and to work out with weights 40 minutes three times a week. However, let’s also say that it’s been more than 3 months since you have done any working out at all. The idea of this program might seem so overwhelming that you a) continue to put it off or b) get started on it for the standard two weeks and drop off.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Of course in either of those cases your self-confidence will go down and it becomes that much harder to get back into it again because you believe that you will fail. One of the biggest motivating factors about anything that you do in your life is having the belief in your ability to do it. Once you know you can and will do it, doing it is not as big of an issue. It’s the doubt in whether you are ready to follow through or not that drags down your level of motivation. Right?

Change this kind of mindset! When you say that you are going to exercise today for 1 hour before going to work, then commit to it! Make your mind believe that whatever you say is set in stone – condition your mind to actually believe your words. Achieve new heights of success by visualizing clearly the outcome you are looking toward achieving. Allow yourself to feel motivated to exercise by realizing your fitness goals in your mind first. And practicing self-hypnosis is a good way to start motivating yourself today.

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