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Meditation And The Importance Of Power Of Breathing

Have you heard about the power of breathing?

Breathing is an activity that has become second-nature to us that we have started to overlook its power over our health. Right from that very first moment that we were born, our body has learned to breathe on its own, giving us the gift of life that we now enjoy.

BUT, is your body breathing the way that it should be?

There is a saying that goes, “How you breathe is how you live”. The way you breathe not only affects your overall health but also your emotions and state of mind. When you are anxious or nervous, you often take short, quick breaths that often makes you even more agitated. And when you stare at a beautiful scene outdoors while enjoying the morning sun, taking a long, deep breathe often makes you feel a lot lighter.


power of breathing

There is a scientific basis behind the claim that proper breathing affects ones health, and also improves meditation effectiveness. The power of breathing is something that we often overlook, yet it affects our health in more ways than we can ever imagine

When we breathe, we take in oxygen into our body and get rid of carbon dioxide which our body considers as a waste product. The oyxgen that we take in is then processed by and transported to supply life to the essential organs functioning in our body. Breathing deep and full gives you more supply of oxygen, which then translates to more life for our body. However, short and quick breaths exhaust and limit your oxygen supply, which can often cause poor health and anxiety.

When you meditate, you need to master not only the right postures. More importantly, you have to learn about proper breathing techniques. The power of breathing is such an essential part of meditation that you cannot simply overlook.

If you want to learn how to utilize the power of breathing, you can also check out this hypnosis download that can teach you about the healing powers of breathing. Learning the power of breathing can not only improve you health, but also relax your body and decrease anxiety.

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