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Master the Art of Visualization Today and Find New Ways To Succeed

Ask Michael Jordan how he was able to hit many of his game-winning shots. And he will answer, “I have already put the ball in the hoop while sleeping.” Now, this might sound like some dreamy statement for some people, but there is truth in his words. As a professional athlete considered the greatest to play basketball, Michael Jordan’s statement rings true. It means that he was able to hit his shots while visualizing it in his thoughts, in his dreams, and his consciousness. When the time comes that he has to do it in court, he’s just gonna visualize it as he did in his dreams! He, indeed, has mastered the art of visualization.

I am quite sure that you have practiced the art of visualization on time or another. You just didn’t realize that you were doing it! Simply put, visualization is the process of creating a mental picture of an experience, activity or goal. It is the act of imagining yourself doing actions to achieve your dreams. Just like how athletes try to close their eyes to visualize their performance, you can master the art of visualization too! Visualization occurs in anything that involves planning, setting and reaching our goals.

What is The Art of Visualization And How Can It Help Us Reach Our Goals


Art of Visualization is very important because it helps make your future clearer. By giving you a “mental path” that you can follow, you can dictate how you want your future to unfold. Seeing yourself already achieving your goals inside your head will make your brain believe that attaining that goal is possible. You only have to focus intently while doing the necessary work in the background.

Focusing consistently on any given goal is important. But allowing your mind to create a reality where you can see yourself achieve your goals will enable you to manifest it far sooner than you can imagine. Visualization takes your goal closer to you and makes it much more doable.

Have you attempted visualizing, but find yourself confused about how to start? Then try picking up a photo, look at it and study it closely. Remember the details, then slowly close your eyes and imagine the picture that you just saw. If you envision anything that closely resembles the picture you just studied, you are visualizing! It’s that simple. A guide or a teacher will help you learn visualization faster and much more effectively, but this simple activity is already the core of visualization.


If you want to improve your visualization skills faster, you can also take a look at this advanced guided visualization from Hyptalk and get yourself started on the right track. Visualizing our current state in an objective but accepting way helps us to understand where we are, so that we can then more accurately create the road map to get where it is we want to go!

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