Victoria M Gallagher

Manifesting In The Field with Lynne McTaggart

In episode 286, Lynne McTaggart shares some of her insights on Manifesting in The Field. 

We discuss: 

  • The Field as referred to in her book and how you can tap into this field. 
  • Utilizing the principles from “The Field” to harness the Law of Attraction effectively. 
  • The role The Field plays into the energy exchange as it relates to The Law of Attraction to attract your desires, and how to ensure you’re aligning with it optimally.  
  • Tapping into the field to amplify the power of visualization techniques and the specific methods Lynne recommends. 
  • Scientific evidence about the groundbreaking and controversial universal field 
  • Common barriers in using The Field to visualize and use in goal setting, and how to overcome them. 

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