Victoria M Gallagher

Making Peace With Things We Cannot Change

‘Grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change.’

That is one line from a prayer, and I think it rings true. Things happen in our life that we cannot do anything about. Past mistakes that we want to change, but we can’t. Sometimes, the regret and guilt haunts us that we start to lose our focus and concentration on the present. And this is something that hinders our personal growth as individuals. Most of the time, it even becomes our biggest obstacle to success.

I believe that we should always keep in mind the truth that some things must be accepted as they are. There is just no way for us to be able to change them. There are many things that can be challenging to accept, especially when guilt starts to eat us up. But once you learn how to accept this, your life suddenly opens up with more abundance of opportunities. You start to evolve and be better.

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Finding peace in accepting what can’t be changed

Abundant growth comes from being uncomfortable. And once you start to accept all the things that you can’t change, your life starts to become a lot better. Your subconscious will know what areas in your life need accepting and will help you through it. You will discover fresh and promising ways to view what you cannot change. On your journey to acceptance, gratitude will become a wellspring of hope for you. With gentle suggestions and practicing meditation as well as self-hypnosis, you will be ready to accept and make peace with what you cannot change.

The ability to embrace your past is not something that happens overnight. change, resilience, self-confidence and confidence in being able to make decisions. No matter what may come, you’ll be ready to face the world as a happier and stronger individual. You will find that life is good, exactly as it is, imperfectly perfect and always changing.

Deep down, you will believe that you deserve the serenity that comes with accepting that in life which cannot be changed. Right now, take a few moments to discover that peace. Make peace with things that you cannot change, and your life will become much easier to bear.

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