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November 16-17, 2019

9 :00 AM – 5:30 PM

Create the Life You Really Want

We will use these tools and techniques to reprogram your powerful subconscious mind.

Set Your Intention

What you think, you become.  When you focus your mind on a specific intention. you activate your receptivity. Learn this  incredibly powerful life-changing process.  

Your Thoughts

What one thing do successful people have in common? They all believed it could happen to them. They dreamed and imagined the possibilities.

Emotion / Vibration

The Law of Vibration might not be as well known as the Law of Attraction. However, the Law of Vibration serves as the foundation for the Law of Attraction.

Effective Affirmations

Learn how to use affirmations effectively, to improve your life, achieve goals, and get the things you want.  We provide the instructions to make them work.

Power of Visualization

The power of visualization works hand in hand with The Law of Attraction.  Everything that was ever created, first began as an idea in someones mind.

Mental Workshop

Discover a really cool and very effective visualization technique that will cause new ideas to be brought forth and know the next action steps you need to take next.


Here's Why You Want To Be Here

I’m excited to meet you in person!


Experience The Transformation Of A Lifetime Over This Breakthrough Weekend

What Would You  Like to Get Out of Taking the Law of Attraction Intensive 

Business Success

Make the mental shifts that will help you start or grow a successful business.

Lucky in Love

Enjoy a deeply and satisfying romantic relationship with your soulmate.

Healthy and Happy

Find yourself effortlessly living a much healthier lifestyle and feeling happier.

Peace of Mind

Let go of stress, fears, and worries which have kept you from your dreams.

Manifest Money

Clear the money blocks which have been preventing you from attracting abundance.

Attract Your Desires

Anything you can imagine is possible, once you truly know the secret to having it.


Here's What's Going To Happen

Get Ready for Two Incredible Action-Packed Days of Transforming Yourself into a Manifesting Machine!

Day 1: Morning Session

Conscious Mind Strategies: Clarify Your Desire and Intention

Day 1: Afternoon Session

Subconscious Mind Strategies: Reprogram Limiting Beliefs

Day 2: Morning Session

Harness Your Superconscious Strategies: Gain New Ideas

Day 2: Afternoon Session

Advanced Manifesting Strategies: Breakthrough Insights


Here's What Our Participants Are Saying

If they can manifest success in their lives, so can you!

Alma Cazarez

“I got clarity, focus, confidence, it was very powerful.”

Bessie Estonactoc

“My experience was more than I can imagine, it’s been great!”

Billy Joe Arthur

“Victoria has a great practical way of breaking down Law of Attraction”

Marianne Moote

“Victoria is Awesome.  It’s a really intensive and pleasurable course to take.”

Marcia Moran

“Learned a lot of new tools and techniques that I can take with me to get right on the path.”

Phylicia Mason

“It’s a very powerful experience.  I reached a deeper level of understanding about myself.”

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Holiday Inn London – Kensington High Street

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