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Victoria M Gallagher

Laser-Focus On Your Goals Through Empowered Affirmations

Henry Ford, father of the American automobile industry and found of Ford Motors, did not become a billionaire doing multiple business ideas. He only got rich with his one passion – cars and engines. Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men during his time and close friend of Mr. Napoleon Hill,  did not pursue several business ideas and opportunities —  he only focused on steel.  In a way, this was the center point of his “empowered affirmation”

 What I am trying to say here is actually pretty straightforward and simple. If you are going to achieve success or strike it big in life, you need to LASER-FOCUS on your goals. The key here is finding your calling and passion, and then focusing all your energy in order to make it work. 

If you don’t have to divide your effort and attention, the results are so much better. You will be a much more efficient with your time and energy – and this will surely translate into success.

This lesson is so true and glaring; yet, most of us fail to do this. We divide our energy, effort and talents in so many things – and we leave our true passions and ideas behind. To achieve success in life, I decided to share some short affirmations that will allow your mind to find that one true idea that will make you rich. Everyday, I see individuals planning to start a business but they don’t seem to be making headway simply because they don’t have laser-focused goals.

Empowered Affirmations And The Road To Achieving Your Personal Goals

To fix that, here are some affirmations that you can repeat to yourself.:

  • “I have an excellent business idea that will make me a lot of money. I will focus on this idea only.”
  • “My idea is so unique and I am quite confident that nobody else knows it. I will diverge all my efforts on to it”
  • “I have just discovered the perfect business opportunity doing something I love. I will focus all my attention to it.”

These short affirmations are great. First, you need to realize that the world is filled with brilliant ideas – ideas that you need to invest your time and effort on. If the perfect idea is all it takes to become a billionaire, the road to success wouldn’t be as fruitful and meaningful. 

Remember, all you need to achieve success is just one sound idea. However, you need to invest your time, effort, talents and knowledge in turn an idea to reality. Using affirmations to help you laser-focus on your ideas and goals can be an effective way to achieve your goals faster. Ideas are just fragments of our thoughts until acted upon – and empowered affirmation can help you create the mindset needed for it. 

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