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Influencing Your Subconscious Mind Through Practicing Self-Hypnosis

We already know that hypnosis is a suggestion technique most-often used in therapy. From treating various disorders, psychological issues and non-productive habits to fixing negative behavior and thoughts, a lot of people turn to hypnosis in order to help themselves break their mental and psychological limits. However, one uncharted territory for therapy is sleep hypnosis. Being able to influence healing, behavior and habits through sleep hypnosis is really interesting because of the major implications that it entails not only for the mind but most importantly for our body.


Hypnosis and its effects on the mental, physical, emotional and psychological aspects of people are documented. But another form of hypnosis that is rarely discussed in the mainstream is sleep hypnosis. Sleep hypnosis is the type of hypnosis where you learn to hypnotize yourself to sleep – it mainly involves being led into a state of trance and relaxation. This ‘hypnotic induction’. can be done by a hypnotherapist, but it can also be done on your own through the help of self-hypnosis scripts.  In such a state people are said to be susceptible to the hypnotist’s suggestions – in this case regarding behavior and thoughts around sleep.

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Much of the discussion around any supposed merits of sleep hypnosis focuses on whether it is truly able to address the psychological (influencing thoughts) and behavioral (changing habits) factors involved in the our subconscious. During the state of hypnosis trance, the mind is much more susceptible to conditioning and suggestions – which is why sleep hypnosis is believed to be a great hypnotherapy practice for those who want to reach into the deeper part of the subconscious. Optimum healing for the mind and body might be activated easier with the help of hypnosis practice too.

Only you have the ability to access the true power of your mind. Through this hypnosis program, you can help yourself reach out to that part of you that has the most to do with your ability to improve your health. Once you work with your subconscious mind to provide constant support and reinforcement to your body, you can create natural healing, not only physically but also mentally, before you even know it.

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