Victoria M Gallagher

Hypnosis, Endorphin and Connecting To Your Higher Self

Did you know that our bodies have the ability to release and use natural endorphins? If you are not familiar with the term, “Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain and can even produce a feeling of euphoria. They are sometimes prescribed for short-term use after surgery or for pain-relief.”

Now, having said that, did you know that practicing self-hypnosis and meditation can also help your body release endorphins to help you get a much more positive feeling everyday? Through hypnosis and meditation, you can start to create a change in your self. You can connect to a higher level of self-awareness and you can manipulate your subconscious mind to prioritize only positive things and get rid of negative habits. Practicing meditation can hypnosis can help you reach that unique light that is deep inside you – that light of inner-knowing.

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As you develop your knowledge of hypnosis and meditation, you can communicate with your higher-self (a.k.a your subconscious mind) better. The release of endorphins in your body is just the first phase of this change. Because endorphins make you feel happy, euphoric and positive, you start to seek this feeling over and over again. You start to practice meditation and hypnosis more consistently – which leads to building better habits and creating more positive opportunities for yourself.

Give yourself the ability to easily reach your inner light as well as the inner love. Start changing yourself for the better and begin connecting with your higher self. Allow yourself to easily and comfortably connect to your higher self through the use of hypnosis and meditation today!

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