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Victoria M Gallagher

How To Be An Unconditional Giver

Are you an unconditional giver? A good Samaritan who is willing to lend a hand to anyone who is in need, without looking for any kind of compensation?

In this modern, changing world, the fast-paced lifestyle often has its consequences. One such consequence is that some people are starting to care less about giving. Who can blame them? Resources are hard to come by, money is tight and the bills are piling up. Still, practicing the Golden Rule gives you a positive feeling that can help you become a much better person. Remember the universal attraction law – you attract what you exude. If you give out a positive energy by being an unconditional giver, you are much more likely to attract positive things in your life too.

To Be an Unconditional Giver Isn’t Easy – But It Helps Attract Positivity In Your Life

To attract positivity in your life, you need to first understand that it goes both ways. You get what you give – that is the universal law. By being an unconditional giver, not looking for anything in return, you are creating ripples of positivity around you that will one day pay off. The random stranger that you help today might be someone who’d help you get a job tomorrow. Who knows, right? But treating people positively will surely give you more positive results than negative ones. This is why being an unconditional giver is such a positive thing.

One of the products of being grateful for the many ways you are blessed is through giving to others who may not be as fortunate. There are so many ways to spread your generosity, and through listening to this program, you will be overflowing with the desire to reach out to others and give of yourself what you can.

With your new-found generosity through the law of attraction, you will find that you will become a more sensitive, caring, open-minded and compassionate person. You will seek new ways to benefit charities that you connect with. You will be free from lingering thoughts of wondering if you’ll be paid back, because you will no longer have any ulterior motive behind your gestures. You will have absolutely no expectations about giving.

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