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How Do You Positively Cope Up With Rejection?

Rejection is a life experience that all of us have to deal with. We all get rejected from time-to-time — whether it be related to work, school, relationships or career. As humans, we have to deal with the emotional burden of being rejected and coping with rejection is something that every person handles differently.

Although being rejected is a universal human experience, coping with rejection is something that is not. As such, one must find a way to cope with the rejections that happen in his or her life — and turn it into a positive human experience. If you are interested in making rejection a positive life experience for you, below are some things that you can do to help in coping with rejection:

Coping With Rejection The Positive Way

1. Do not take rejection personally

When people experience rejection, they feel like they are being rejected personally. Often times, however, this is definitely not the truth. People may reject  the things that you do — your singing, your poems or even your job proposals — but they do not mean that you are rejected for being the person that you are. You have to look at rejection on a different light and try not to take rejection personally. Acquiring this skill takes a lot of careful, objective and unbiased thinking, but being able to do this will help you shove rejections away as easy as brushing away dirt from your table.

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2. Think of rejection a real life opportunity

Remember that saying, “when a door closes, another window opens”? That is definitely true to some extent and this can help you in coping with rejections that you might experience along the way. Do you know how many times the author of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, got rejected before she got her work out in the world? Yeah, she got rejected quite an awful lot of times, maybe even more than you, but she looked at rejection as an opportunity rather than a liability. This is what most positive and successful people do in coping with rejection, and this is something that you can adopt.

3. Do not get trapped inside the rejection hole. 

This is probably one of the biggest things that you have to remember in coping with rejection. The window of opportunity after being rejected can close anytime so you must find a way to grab it by not dwelling too much on your rejection. When you think about rejection too often, you get trapped inside a void of darkness where sadness, self-pity and negativity dwell. You have to have a short memory when it comes to rejections because this will help you cope with rejections faster.

If you want to learn more about coping with rejections in a faster and more positive way, you can also checkout this hypnosis script on coping with rejection. You have the inner strength to take this experience and use it to bounce back in order to make yourself a better, stronger person. You just have to learn to embrace rejection in a positive light through hypnotherapy.

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