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How Can Hypnosis Help Get Rid Of Anxiety?

To get rid of anxiety is not an easy task. A lot of people suffer from fear and anxiety – and it can really affect their relationships, performance at work, career and other important things in your life. The good thing is this – you CAN recondition your mind to get rid of anxiety. That’s right! If your mind can put anxiety in your thoughts, it makes sense that it also has the ability to take it away, right?

Did you notice how your panic attacks have more or less gotten worse each time? That is because of repetition that makes that possible. Like it or not, you have trained yourself to panic in certain situations and you can retrain yourself to do the opposite, relax. The relaxation response is a known natural response your body is capable of setting in motion. If you like, you can retrain yourself to relax in those same situations and overtime, it will be automatic. Similarly, it is also effective in reducing your GENERAL level of stress, which is a major culprit of originating your panic attack.

What To Do To Get Rid Of Anxiety

So the first thing is you need to simply accept the situation you are in. You can not change it by getting angry or scared. Just decide to go with the experience, kind of like you are on a roller-coaster. There’s not much you can do about it once it’s already started. however, it’s kind of ironic, because the very act of accepting the situation will get your through it if you will just let it go.

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Next, notice your anxiety. Notice what is happening in your body. I mean really pay attention to exactly what your heart is doing, how your legs and hands feel. Become an observer without judgment. Don’t make the attack right or wrong. or bad or good. just observe it.

This would also be a good time to close your eyes, and do some diaphragm breathing. See yourself on the other side of the attack. Visualization works great for this. If you can see it, it will happen. Your unconscious thinks in pictures, so if you can image yourself well and behaving normally, your unconscious mind will get the message to calm everything down again and bring you back to a normal state.

Now, when you respond this way, instead of reacting to what is happening, a wonderful thing is happening, you are reconditioning your unconscious mind to respond in this new way. this relaxed way. and as time goes on, with more and more responses like that, you wont even realize that this was a situation that ever bothered you before.

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