Victoria M Gallagher

Get Rid Of Unconscious Negative Thoughts Through Affirmations

Unconscious negative thoughts are some of the biggest problems that we experience constantly. And what is scary about it is that it doesn’t discriminate nor choose who to affect. You can be the wealthiest, most successful person in the world – but when unconscious negative thoughts start to enter your mind, there is little you can do to stop it from affecting you.

It has been said that your outside world is simply reflected by the emotions in your inside world. In other words, if you feel and look bad on the outside, something must be bothering you from the inside. And you probably wouldn’t be dealing with anxiety right not if things were going absolutely wonderful in your life, right?

However, some people – even in the midst of success – still feel insecure and unhappy about themselves. This is because they let unconscious negative thoughts freely reign in their minds.

Chase Away Those Unconscious Negative Thoughts

If you are affected by unconscious negative thoughts – you can fend them off by positive affirmations. People who are simply content with themselves and what they have tend to create a happier, more fulfilling environment all around them through positive affirmation. Affirmations are simple words of reassurance that reflects your true inner feelings to your subconscious.

For example, when you wake up in the morning – the first thing that you say to yourself is this “I will have a good day today and I will be the best student at class and get perfect scores” – you are already setting yourself up for success. If you repeat this phrase over and over again – your unconscious will start to believe it. It will then chase the negative thoughts away.

It goes without saying that our unconscious negative thoughts about ourselves can trigger stress. A negative self-image leads to thoughts of worry and danger, which can lead to panic. If that is the case, then what can negate a negative thought? YES! Positive affirmations!

Positive and loving thoughts have a high vibration. Negative or cynical thoughts have a lower vibration. Like vibrations attract like vibrations so the more positive your thoughts, the higher your vibration. When you are focused on problems or negative aspects of your life unfortunately, you attract more negative energy. In order change your life in a positive way, you need to change your vibration. Chase away those unconscious negative thoughts today!

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