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Victoria M Gallagher

Get Rid Of These Two Negative Traits That Slow Down Your Ability To Succeed

Procrastination is one of the habits that really stop your potential for growth and greatness. It literally STOPS you from being productive – you resort to being useless and unproductive when you do nothing or delay everything due to procrastination. Together, procrastination and fear can really mess up your productivity and ability to reach your goals. 

For me, procrastination is a product of laziness. But it is also a direct result of FEAR.

Ridicule and fear of other people’s opinions can sometimes influence lead you to procrastinate. Instead of trying to face your fears, you resort to hiding from your tasks and responsibilities. And this is not uncommon too. I have known people who are really great at what they do – but once fear and anxiety starts to hit them, they can do nothing but hide from it. Thus, they practice procrastination as a “defensive” mechanism in a way, to cope with their fears. Thus, procrastination and fear makes them incapable of doing their best.

Deciding to move forward requires courage, courage to move forward even through fear.  As fear is only “False Evidence Appearing Real”. That fear, though only an illusion, can be so strong that it takes years, even decades, to disappear.  For fear to disappear, here are some tips that I can give you to get rid of procrastination and fear:

Get Rid Of Procrastination and Fear

  1. You must decide to stop letting what you think is a liability for you. For example, if you are always afraid of failing (Fear of failure) you need to take your mind away from that fear and divert it into another medium. Diverting your anxieties is a great way to stop letting fear grow inside of you.
  2. Use fear as a medium of empowerment instead of using it as an excuse to procrastinate. This is what I call “turning the negative into a positive”. For example, many great performers never stop having “Stage Fright”.  But instead of procrastinating, they use this fear to propel them to an even greater, masterpiece performance. This is how you use fear to fuel your fire
  3. Strengthen your subconscious mind and make it immune from fear. Remember, fear is just a state of mind. When you banish fear from your mind, your habit of procrastination will soon follow. You can do strengthen your subconscious through practicing meditation, auto-suggestions, positive affirmations and other habits that help put positive thoughts inside your mind instead of negative ones.

Remember, procrastination is just a by-product of fear itself. Once you realize this truth, you will know that the root of the problem is to banish fear from your subconscious mind. Hopefully, the three tips I shared with you today can help you strengthen your mind.

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