Victoria M Gallagher

Free Yourself And Unlock Your Potential By Eliminating Self-Doubt

Much like a self-fulfilling prophecy, the beliefs ingrained on our consciousness makes us who we are. If you believe that you are going to succeed, and you do all the positive things required for you to reach your goal, your chances of fulfilling this belief increases. However, if you always second-guess and doubt yourself, the effect on your subconscious mind would be the reverse and you would have a difficult time achieving your goals. To free yourself from limits, you have to first understand what those limits are — then break or bend the rules in order to supersede them.

To Free Yourself From Limits Means To Let Go Of Your Fears

Most of the time, the limits that we put on ourselves stem from the fears and anxieties that reside in us. I can’t do this because of this. I am bound to fail because of that. At the end of the day, we are the ones who put ourselves inside a cage just because we are scared to try and fail. But, once you learn how to free yourself from limits, you will have more breathing room to chase after your goals and ultimately succeed in achieving them,

Our belief system is deeply ingrained within us and it is basically our perception of reality. We all have unique and different filters through which we see the world and these “filters” determine how we see things. If your filter is negative, you will always see negative in things, no matter how positive they are. In pretty much the same way, if your filter is positive, you will always see the positive side of things no matter how negative they seem to be. To free yourself from limits is to change your perception by discarding your anxieties and fears. Only then can you start to see things on a different plane — and you’ll feel like a lion uncaged from years of captivity.

As you think about those things that are nearest and dearest to your heart, you may begin to reflect or uncover limiting beliefs that are standing in your way, keeping you from happiness. As you begin to look deeply inside yourself, you can discover for the first time what it is you truly want and what it is that would really make you happy.

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