Victoria M Gallagher

First Of All – Learn To Love Yourself!

Remember that line from a song?  — “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”

And this line is really true! Self-love is very important because it gives you the chance and moment toappreciate your worth and reassess the true meaning of your life. Without love and self-appreciation, one cannot fathom his or her reason for being — without which, one cannot unlock his or her true potential.

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Self-love has been negatively tagged as narcissism, but in reality there is no one person who has not loved himself or herself. If you do not learn to love yourself — or don’t appreciate yourself, for that matter — you will be engulfed in a flame of negativity that will stop you from loving those around you too. If you always find fault in yourself because you do not love yourself, this pattern will also apply to those around you and you will also start to find fault in others. Instead of wrapping yourself in an aura of positivity, you are creating a sphere of negativity which limits your potential for happiness. Thus, loving yourself is a prerequisite to loving others too.

To truly receive love from another, you must learn to love yourself first. This is something that you must always put in your mind when you start to doubt yourself and feel like you aren’t worth anything at all. You are great, beautiful, talented and one-of-a-kind! There is no one else on this planet that has the same kind of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects like you do — which is why you have to learn how to love yourself all the more.

If you are interested to learn how you can use hypnosis to understand self-love and introduce a system of positivity into your life, you can start by checking out this hypnosis app. Throughout this hypnosis session you will grow your love in your present romantic relationships, as well as learn to love yourself truly and more completely than you ever have!

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