Victoria M Gallagher

Feng Shui Your Life with Marie Diamond 

In episode 294, Marie Diamond is shares some of her insights on Feng Shui Your Life.

We discuss: 

  • A brief introduction to Feng Shui and its principles. 
  • How feng shui impacts our daily lives. 
  • Her inspiration to dive into Feng Shui, and how has it transformed her own life. 
  • The ‘Diamond Feng Shui method’ that she developed and how it differs from traditional Feng Shui practices. 
  • Her integration of Energy Mastery and Quantum Physics with Feng Shui, and how this interconnectedness enhances the effectiveness of Feng Shui. 
  • Some simple, yet effective changes you can make in your home or office to start seeing positive changes. 

Marie Diamond is providing a Free Energy Report at 

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