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Episode #79 – Jim Stavis – When Hope Is Your Only Option

Power of Your Mind Podcast Interview with Jim Stavis  When Hope Is Your Only Option

In Episode #79, I am talking with Jim Stavis.

Jim Stavis was diagnosed as a teenager with Juvenile Type I diabetes. He was forecasted to have a shortened lifespan filled with things such as kidney and heart disease, blindness and amputations. Jim had to develop a mindset that would use this disease to motivate him versus define him. Ultimately, he had a triple organ transplant (heart, kidney and pancreas) 15 years ago (at the age of 50) which saved his life and eliminated his diabetes and has made him a spokesperson for organ donation and transplantation which he now shares in an inspiring way with others, including through his book, When Hope is Your Only Option.

We talked about:

  • Advice Jim has for anyone going through hard times
  • Whether he believes that some people are more hard-wired to survive adversity versus others
  • How adversity has motivated you versus creating fear and panic in your life
  • Jim’s new reality – his wife is now undergoing chemotherapy for cancer – and how this aligns with his message of hope
  • What Jim hopes to achieve by bringing this message of hope to the public
  • And much more!

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