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Episode #78 – Aimee Cabo – Pain into Purpose

Power of Your Mind Podcast Interview with Aimee Cabo  Turn Your Pain Into Purpose

In Episode #78, I am talking with Aimee Cabo.

This episode of the Power of Your Mind podcast features a guest who expresses some of her religious views that tend to be outside of my scope for personal growth and does not reflect my personal beliefs or the beliefs that guide the show. That said, everyone’s journey is different, and a part of personal growth is being open minded to different things – you never know where you’ll find that bit of wisdom that may help you change your life. In many arenas that encourage change, there is an expression: Take what you need, and leave the rest… I could relate to it by using different terms – where God is mentioned, I think of the Universe, or my Higher Self – where Prayer is mentioned, I relate to Meditation or Going Within. The enemy – my enemy, is negativity. There are many common threads that we can use to make positive connections if we so choose. However, if you feel that this will offend you, perhaps you may want to listen to one of the previous 80+ fabulous – and they are all fabulous! – episodes of Power of Your Mind!

Aimee Cabo is a nurse, award winning author – of 7 awards – for her book, Love is the Answer, God is the Cure, as well as a speaker and a radio show host of The Cure, a place of healing to show that there is hope no matter what you have gone through and you are not alone.

We talked about:

  1. Aimee’s views on whether there is hope when you suffer from mental illness
  2. What PTSD is and how you can fight it
  3. Why it is important to talk about your past traumatic experiences
  4. How you can use the power of your mind to fight any problems
  5. Why Aimee feels that prayer is important

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