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Episode #52 – Peter Radcliffe – Meditation Classes for Every Town

Power of Your Mind Podcast Interview with Peter Radcliffe – Meditation Classes for Every Town

In Episode #52, I am talking with Peter Radcliffe.

Peter Radcliffe is a meditation teacher and personal development and hypnosis trainer who’s mentoring over 200 mediation leaders around the world and teaching hundreds of students in the areas of NLP and Hypnosis.

What is fascinating about Peter is that he has really walked the talk. His personal practices included a solitary 9-month meditation retreat which means his teachings are imbued with his own personal insights.

Peter’s vision now is to see meditation being taught in every town and suburb around the world and teaches a non-sectarian program that includes his learning from many teachers all over the world as well has his understanding from the world of personal development and hypnosis.

We talked about:

  • How Peter got into meditation and why he is so passionate about it.
  • How he seems to combine techniques of hypnosis and meditation together and why he feels these are compatible.
  • His inspiration to start the meditation leaders program and what it is.
  • How Peter thinks this program could benefit you, the listeners.
  • His favorite meditation technique that he’d like to share.
  • And much more!

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Peter’s Websites:

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