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Episode #43 – Tim Shurr – Finding Emotional Freedom

Power of Your Mind Podcast Interview with Tim Shurr – Finding Emotional Freedom – Tim Shurr

In Episode #43, I am talking with Tim Shurr.

After studying human behavior for the last 30 years and facilitating over 10,000 hypnosis sessions, Tim Shurr discovered the secrets to programming your brain for massive success!

His “brain-training” strategies work so well, he’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX NEWS and on the TEDx stage.

Tim is an award-winning Leadership speaker, expert in Subconscious Communication, and author of several books including Get Out Of Your Way, The Power Of Optimism and Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind!

We talked about:

  • Tim’s #1 secret for turning dreams into reality.
  • How he got to where he is right now.
  • In his book, Get Out Of Your Way, he talks about self-sabotage – and gives a couple examples of this.
  • What Tim has been working on lately that he would like you to know more about.
  • Why emotional freedom is so important to turning dreams into reality.
  • And much more!

Tim Shurr’s websites:

Some of Tim Shurr’s books:

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