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Episode #37 – Jason Linett – Print Money: How to Think Differently about Business Abundance

Power of Your Mind Podcast Interview with Jason Linett – Print Money: How to Think Differently about Business Abundance – Jason Linett

In Episode #37, I am talking with Jason Linett.

How can a hypnotist help you grow your business? Jason Linett has used the principles of rapport and modeling to track what top business performers and professional athletes do differently to build his own million-dollar brand.

He speaks to groups around the world and offers hypnotic-success-coaching to share how people in business can put his WORK SMART principles and strategies to use.

Rather than just ‘hypnotize’ you to become more successful, he will help you de-hypnotize the misconceptions, fears, doubts, and ineffective strategies that are holding back your business success.

Jason’s process isn’t magic, the results can be magical.

We talked about:

  • How did the worst business advice he has received made him an instant success.
  • Why he brings hypnosis to the business world.
  • His book, Work Smart Business, and how it talks about changing perceptual positions.
  • How changing perceptual positions applies to personal change AND business.
  • What this whole WORK SMART thing actually means.
  • If business is going well, what a business owner do to scale up.
  • And much more…

Jason Linett’s book:

Jason Linett’s websites:

Jason’s podcast:

Jason is offering listeners The Positive Influence powerpack, which is provides two free chapters of his book that will help you to better influence yourself or others: Work Smart Business

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