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Make Your Dreams a Reality Through Quantum Physics

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In Episode #226, I am talking with Suzanne Adams.

As a seasoned speaker who has taken the mic on NBC, The CW, and Fox—as well as on stages ranging from TEDx, Hay House, The American Heart Association, LuluLemon, and many more—Suzanne Adams is creating a powerful ripple of inspiration and positivity. In addition to being a sought-after speaker, Suzanne is a bestselling author, transformational mentor and strategist. Quantum Vibes, Suzanne’s latest book inspired by her groundbreaking Tedx Talk (that has garnered over two million views), is a bright and inspiring book that demonstrates how the confluence of the Law of Attraction, spirituality, and science can work brilliantly in your favor to deliver you the contentment and success you’ve long desired. Suzanne is a thought leader in the field of personal development, energetics, and leadership and is on a mission to help you reach your highest potential and attract your dreams! 

Today Suzanne is sharing her insights on Making Your Dreams a Reality Through Quantum Physics.

We discuss:  

  • The tools to apply quantum physics to your life.
  • How you can learn to trust your intuition and allow it to transform your life. 
  • The difference between energetics and manifestation. 
  • Suzanne’s manifesting formula and how you can allow it to work for you. 
  • How you can define your unique human superpower. 

Suzanne’s book, Quantum Vibes, launches November 1st and is available for pre-order with a free gift offering here.

Website: Suzanne Adams Inc 
Instagram: @suzanneadamsinc

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