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Attitude of Abundance for Manifesting Success

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In Episode #197, we are talking about an Attitude of Abundance for Manifesting Success 

The Law of Abundance states that we live in an abundant universe. There is plenty of everything, including love, money, and all the necessities for everyone. 

Scarcity affects our thinking and feeling. Scarcity focuses the mind automatically and powerfully toward lack and unfulfilled needs. For example, if you’re feeling hungry, you’re going to constantly be thinking about lack of food. If you’re lonely person, you’re going to be thinking about the lack of companionship. Likewise, if you’re feeling poor and unable to pay your bills, you’re going to be focused on how you don’t have enough money coming in. If you’re in business for yourself and you don’t have any clients, you’re going to be focused on whatever reminds you of the lack of clients. When you’re thinking about lack, it creates more lack. 

The reality is, there is abundance in the world. It is all around you. It comes down to what you choose to focus on. 

How you perceive your reality affect the opportunities you see, your beliefs, and ultimately your results. When you change your attitude about the abundance and choose to see the world as a place of abundance, you’ll begin to see more abundance in your life. 

How to Move from Scarcity to Abundance 

  1. Focus on what you already have. When you see that you already have enough, you feel abundant and are likely to attract more to you. 

  2. Avoid people that complain a lot. Complainers have a scarcity mindset. You’re more susceptible to others’ mindsets than you think. Spend time with positive people who have the mindset you want. 

  3. Visualize an abundant future. Instead of worrying about what you don’t have, allow yourself to dream about what you want to achieve in the future. 

  4. Keep a positive journal. List the things in your life you feel grateful for. Be sure to mention all the people in your life. You probably have a home, a job, a car, family, friends, and so on. That’s a good place to start. 

  5. Be generous. Demonstrate to yourself there is enough for everyone by sharing what you have, including time. The more you share, the more others want to reciprocate. 


An attitude of abundance will allow you to powerfully move forward with confidence as you take the necessary steps to manifest success in your life. 

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