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Episode #195- How to Get Out of Your Own Way: Powerful Mindset Shifts That Produce Immediate Results with Fabienne Fredrickson 

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In Episode #195, I am talking with Fabienne Fredrickson 

For the past 20+ years, Fabienne Fredrickson has been, and continues to be, a powerful mentor to tens of thousands of women business owners. She is the founder of and The Leveraged Business program, which is based on close to 15 years of generating multiple 7-figures annually with small children at home, and while she takes 14-16 weeks of unplugged vacation each calendar year.  

Most importantly, the program covers the techniques and mindset she teaches (and the community of women she provides) that helps her members earn tens millions of dollars collectively each year, while they continue to scale and grow their business, as well as their time off.  

Her most recent book, The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go From Overwhelmed at 6-Figures to 7 Figures (and Get Your Life Back) is the new definitive roadmap on how she’s done it with heart and how you can too, without sacrificing your life.  

It has already become the refreshing new step-by-step formula for business owners who want to scale their business to a million, increase their personal income, stop working evenings and weekends, and actually enjoy their vacations without bringing a laptop.   

Today, Fabienne Fredrickson is sharing with us some of her insights on How to Get Out of Your Own Way: Powerful Mindset Shifts That Produce Immediate Results 

We talked about: 

  • How we can each have it “all”, whatever “all” means to each of us. 
  • How it’s possible to make twice as much as you’re making now, but working half the time. 
  • Why willpower never works long term and instead, what it is that creates lasting change. 
  • Most people struggle to have a thriving business. How women business owners can successfully make a great impact and never work on evenings and weekends. 
  • The Universal and Spiritual Laws to making good money and how can we use these in uncertain times. 
  • She reveals some ways she has innovated business practices and why “old business tactics” don’t work anymore, to help thousands of women scale their business while paying themselves more and taking many more unplugged vacations. 
  • She explains EGA’s and why they will change your income in just one year. 
  • “The transformative power of superfriends” for growing a business beyond any socially-expected level, especially for women. 
  • How having strong boundaries impacts getting to seven figures. 
  • She talks about how she delivers her work to teach strategies for shifting your business model to work with two to ten times as many clients and customers (while working much, much less). 
  • The 80/20 rule of how to use your time for best results.  
  • How women succeed and astound all others with their results using 3 foundational pillars, in a business world shaped by the masculine. 


She can be found on:  

FREE BOOK: The Leveraged Business Book is available for free at this link (just pay shipping – typically $2.95) 

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